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Hughes-Reed's Psychological Services and Multicultural Centre is based in the West Midlands. It was founded by Dr Richard Majors, a counselling psychologist for over 20 years, who enjoys working with adolescence, couples and families. Our vision is to help both traditional and diverse communities, to gain access to acomprehensive mental health services that strives to help improve emotional health and emotional well being. Therefore, the goal of Hughes-Reed's Psychological Services and Multicultural Centre is to provide an evidence based and culturally competent service that address the psychological and mental health needs of children, families, parents and carers.
Our Director Dr Richard Majors
Consulting Counselling Psychologist
Dr Richard Majors is former Clinical Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital in the US. He is a registered counselling psychologist with HCPC. He is also a chartered psychologist and fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Dr Majors has over 20 years of experience as a clinician, conducting assessments, therapeutic intervention and treatments in the health care profession. He has over 15 years experience as a honorary professor in Psychology having taught general Psychology, adolescent psychology, cultural Psychology, abnormal Psychology and adjustment among other courses. Dr. Richard Majors is also the Director and founder of the Applied Centre of Emotional Literacy Research & Leadership, ACELLR. He is the recipient of 2 Transfer of Innovation (TOI) Awards from the European Union (EU), for his work on emotional literacy and emotional well-being. He recently received the prestigious global award from Medical Live Wire 2017/2018, “Psychology Professional of The Year”. Dr Majors has conducted 100’s of keynote presentations, training sessions, workshops/seminar and master classes on a variety of psychological topics: emotional literacy, emotional wellness adjustment/coping, stress management, work place issues, managing difficult people, leadership development, and cultural competence among other psychological/related areas. As, well, Dr Majors has extensive experience working as a psychological court expert and was the psychological court lead for a recent British High court landmark case, which overturned a previous high court ruling. He has delivered numerous professional papers at academic conferences and has published professional papers in academic journals that have been translated in many different languages all over the world.

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