Psychological Services and Multicultural Centre



The Hughes-Reed Psychological Services and Multicultural Centres Provide the following programs and services:
• Therapeutic services for children, adolescence, couples and adults.

• Psychological assessments and treatments.

• Couples Therapy.

• Specialised services on fatherhood and domestic violence issues.

• Training and consultation service.

• Specialised support services for difficult teens.

• Multicultural therapy.

• Coping techniques for stress/anxiety issues.

• Self help groups for adults with social and emotional issues of all sorts.

• Medico/legal work.

Clinical Interests

Depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, anger management, emotional literacy, workplace or employment assistance programmes (EAP) related work, self-harming, bereavement, and loss, relationships difficulties, adolescence and adult group work, behavioural difficulties and teens in schools, youth offending, gender identity issues, trauma and stress disorders, life transition and geriatric issues, domestic abuse and violence, discrimination of all sorts and racism, hoarding and aftercare counselling, multicultural and cultural competence psychotherapies, personal development/self esteem issues, executive wellness coaching and life skills, spiritual counselling, couples counselling, meditation, cultural heritage and mixed parentage issues among other areas.

Treatment Approaches & Session Information

Our staff and I are trained in the following treatment approaches: client-centred, integrative, cognitive behavioural (CBT), couple therapy, mindfulness techniques, various self help groups and solution focused brief therapies among other therapies.


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